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Update 1

I hope you are enjoying the start of the “level 3” course. This is a course to push your boundaries, reset your limits as well as help you invest in the technique of “transformational breathing“. Which is sustained circular conscious connected breathing, we call this our “energy breath“.

Week 1 – gave us the taste of finding an alternating focus. Changing between sustained energy breathing and the exhale pause. Feeling the build of energy then surrendering to the pause.

Week 2 – we will take things in a new direction. As we continue to build our lung capacity, we will try repeat sets with an alternating focus between the lower zone and the upper zone breathing. Combining this with inhale holds after the upper zone set, and exhale pauses after the lower zone set. The session will help continue to build your awareness of the 2 zones. We will mix this up with some extended energy breathing to build the buzz. Expect the music to be heavier this week, more drums, deeper base beats, some rattling chains as well as some tribal influences. Be taken to a new zone !!

Enjoy the week.


Darren Stojanovic


To register your interest

Dynamic Breathwork Level 2 – Next 4 week course starts May 5th

Run at the Richmond Studio 

Tuesdays 2, 4, 6 & 7pm (1hr classes)

4 Main topics will be covered during the course:

  • 5th May – Combining breathwork with heartfelt emotions like Gratitude, as well as learning about heart coherent breathing. This session is inspired by the amazing work of the HeartMath Institute 
  • 12th May – Developing the understanding of Energy Pulling and Mind Movies which has been inspired by the great Joe Dispenza 
  • 19th May – Dan Brulè Breathwork – Transformational breathwork as an energy clearing technique
  • 26th May – Wim Hof Inspired breathing cycles as the final session
  • Please note all instructors are Dan Brulè Certified Instructor



  • Single session $35
  • 4 session pack $100 (with 1 FREE Lucia Light treatment) (Value $190)

Please email Darren personally if you have any queries

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Techniques you will learn are:

  • Inhale Pauses – ‘ever expanding inhale”
  • Exhale Pauses – relaxing deeper into the breath out
  • Energy Pulling Techniques to move breath energy from the base to the crown and back again
  • Advanced “Heart Resonance Breathing”
  • The “Vortex Breath” for stage 4 activation
  • Wim Hof inspired breath cycles
  • Bliss state development

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Suite 5-7, 83 Glen Eira Rd
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Ph: (03) 9523 5558

Level 1, 161- 165 Swan St
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Ph: (03) 9428 3330

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