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At Dynamic Stability we offer group fitness classes throughout the week, that run for 55 minutes. Unlike many other Pilates and group training studios, our Reformer classes are kept small with a maximum of eight people at our Richmond Studio and five at our Ripponlea studio. Mat Pilates at Ripponlea is capped at six people, so supervision and individual attention can be provided.

If you’re looking to increase your fitness, build muscle tone and improve strength and flexibility, these classes are the perfect choice. We have a range of classes to suit skill levels from beginner through to advanced.

Reformer Basics

A beginner level class for those who are new to Pilates or prefer to take things slow. We focus on technique that will help improve your alignment, lengthen and strengthen muscles and increase core stability. A great general workout that will leave you feeling taller than when you arrived!

Reformer Intermediate 

Building on principles from Reformer Basics, our Intermediate level class begins to introduce more complex exercises to challenge your strength and coordination. Reduced rest time between exercises and the use of small props such as the Magic Circle and Chi ball serve to elevate your workout.

Reformer Advanced 

This fast paced class is designed to challenge experienced movers and those who are familiar with Pilates principles and repertoire. Move through a full body workout with a fun variety of sequences that take your strength and endurance to its maximum potential.

Dynamic High Intensity Reformer 

This class is suited to those experienced on the Reformer and looking to add some more dynamic moves to challenge cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Be prepared to sweat and most importantly have some fun while doing it!

Cardio Reformer

A high intensity Reformer based circuit class designed to increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance. A good class to try out once you have mastered the basics!


Floor based Pilates class that focuses on the fundamentals- core stability, postural alignment and breathing patterns. You will use small props and apparatus to further challenge your strength and flexibility.

Stretch and Release 

Integrating gentle stretches, with release work on the foam rollers and spiky balls, this guided class allows you to work at your own pace, release tension and just let go. Great for those who are feeling stiff and tired from the stresses of everyday life!

Group Reformer Classes

Dynamic Stability Group Reformer Pilates Classes


Casual- $32 ( 55 mins)

5 sessions- $150

10 sessions- $260 ( 6 week expiry)

10 sessions- $290 ( 4 month expiry)


Casual- $30 ( 55 mins )

5 sessions- $140

10 sessions- $250 ( 4 month expiry)

* Intro offer for new clients – 3 Week Trial (5 classes) for $50

Group Matwork + Stretch and Release Classes


Casual- $23 ( 55 mins )

5 sessions- $100

10 sessions- $190

* Intro offer for new clients- 3 week trial ( 5 classes) for $50

First time to our Group Fitness Pilates Classes?

Try our intro offer – 3 Week Trial (5 classes) for $50

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Suite 5-7, 83 Glen Eira Rd
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