Update 1

So far I hope you have been enjoying  “peak performance 1”

Week 1 – focus was – Building Lung Capacity, building energy, developing the inhale holds while adding the lower zone squeeze.

Week 2 – focus will be – Managing anxiety, addressing the stress response, promoting sleep and inducing rest and regeneration in your body. Introduction of the double inhale energy breath and developing the exhale pause “THE OASIS”

  • You will find this session very different to the first week sequence.
  • The main focus is the 3 repeats of (2mins of double inhales followed by a 2 min breath out pause)
  • As you repeat the recording a few times it will become possible for you to hold your exhale for the whole 2min section (till the next track starts). Note the harder you work during the double inhale phase, the easier you will find the exhale holds.
  • During the single inhale energy breath, work at sustaining the circular breath feeling. Where inhale smoothly transitions into exhale
  • The Box breath section is your chance to create your own timing, start nose and build to mouth when ready. While box breathing do repeats of inhale holds and add the lower zone squeeze. Be guided by the music. Let your breath be the conductor of your story, feel your energy.
  • With the 5 gear energy breath build, increase the inhale speed to build the buzz. Start purely focused on inhale volume, then gradually turn the breath quicker. Choose the intensity of your journey, test your limits. Maintain the circular rhythm with the inhale active and the exhale breath being passive.
  • Enjoy the week, your 1 month journey is now well underway.

Some helpful tips to consider during breathwork sessions:

  1. You can sometime drift off during a session and slip into the relaxing zone by losing focus
  2. Yawning is a common feeling during a session
  3. You will meet resistance, many reasons not to try
  4. Emotional releases during the session or after is common
  5. Repeating the session a few times is important to develop your skills
  6. Invest in the Physical and Mental side of breathwork
  7. Use the mantras to help embody the work deeper
  8. Initially breathwork is an intervention, then get out of the way and let biology take over. SURRENDER TO THE BREATH !! You will know what I mean as you continue to practice.
Often during breathwork you are moving between different zones.
  • relaxing zone – when you are trying to release and let go “bliss state” and exhale pauses
  • active engagement – during slow full inhales and gratitude building, focused box breathing
  • working zone – energy breath building, double inhales and inhale holds, adding the lower zone squeeze
Try not to allow yourself to slip into the relaxing zone and drift off when you are meant to be actively engaged or in a working phase.
Keep practicing and stay focused on the 4 week journey of transformation. You will continue to notice resistance to change. Think of this as a test to see if you are worthy of the reward that awaits you. 
Darren Stojanovic and the Breathwork Team

To register your interest

Dynamic Breathwork Level 2 – Next 4 week course starts May 5th

Run at the Richmond Studio 

Tuesdays 2, 4, 6 & 7pm (1hr classes)

4 Main topics will be covered during the course:

  • 5th May – Combining breathwork with heartfelt emotions like Gratitude, as well as learning about heart coherent breathing. This session is inspired by the amazing work of the HeartMath Institute 
  • 12th May – Developing the understanding of Energy Pulling and Mind Movies which has been inspired by the great Joe Dispenza 
  • 19th May – Dan Brulè Breathwork – Transformational breathwork as an energy clearing technique
  • 26th May – Wim Hof Inspired breathing cycles as the final session
  • Please note all instructors are Dan Brulè Certified Instructor



  • Single session $35
  • 4 session pack $100 (with 1 FREE Lucia Light treatment) (Value $190)

Please email Darren personally if you have any queries

Click here for Darren’s Full Bio

Techniques you will learn are:

  • Inhale Pauses – ‘ever expanding inhale”
  • Exhale Pauses – relaxing deeper into the breath out
  • Energy Pulling Techniques to move breath energy from the base to the crown and back again
  • Advanced “Heart Resonance Breathing”
  • The “Vortex Breath” for stage 4 activation
  • Wim Hof inspired breath cycles
  • Bliss state development

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Ripponlea VIC 3185
Ph: (03) 9523 5558
Level 1, 161- 165 Swan St
Richmond VIC 3121
Ph: (03) 9428 3330

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Suite 5-7, 83 Glen Eira Rd
Ripponlea VIC 3185
Ph: (03) 9523 5558

Level 1, 161- 165 Swan St
Richmond VIC 3121
Ph: (03) 9428 3330

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