Super Charge your system – Dynamic Breathwork

Dynamic Breathwork is a guided breathing meditation, run by Dan Brule Certified Breathwork practitioners.

The way we inhale and exhale is integrally linked to every system in our body. Bio hacking is a method of taking conscious control of your breathing system to bring about energetic changes across your whole body. As all our organs resonate at different frequencies. It is possible with this technique to help bring our heart, lungs, brain and other organs back into coherence where they can energetically align again. Helping our system naturally to overcome disharmony and disease.

Anxiety and Stress management are 2 of the key elements we are working with as well as enhancing peak-performance in athletes.

Some of the benefits of Breathwork are:

  1. Relieve stress and anxiety
  2. Balancing the central nervous system
  3. Positive mindset training
  4. Building on “Peak Performance”
  5. Enhancing sleep patterns
  6. Improved oxygen delivery
  7. Lowering blood pressure
  8. Endorphins are released
  9. Allowing deep detoxification
  10. Relaxation of your entire muscles matrix

Dynamic Breathwork draws on many techniques, with the work being inspired by:

  1. Dr Joe Dispenza
  2. Heart Math Institute
  3. Dan Brule
  4. Wim Hof
  5. Norman Doidge

Techniques you will learn are:

  • Heart Resonance Breathing
  • Circular Breathing
  • Triangle Breathing
  • Box Breathing
  • Inhale Pauses – “ever expanding inhale”
  • Exhale Pauses – “relaxing deeper into the breath out”
  • Energy Pulling Techniques to move breath energy from the base to the crown and back again
  • The “Vortex Breath” for stage 4 activation
  • Wim Hof inspired breath cycles
  • Bliss state development

At Dynamic Stability we bring together the science and research of Physiotherapy with our adapted knowledge of Clinical Pilates, then we add the hands on work that comes with Physiotherapy / Myotherapy / Remedial Massage / Lomi Lomi Massage. As clients build their mobility and strength we then introduce them to the energetic medicine power of meditation, Breathwork and the Lucia light.

Dynamic Breathwork is the cumulation of 18 years of work, where we have combined the benefits of multi-modalities to produce a program that will move you into “hyperdrive”.

As one of the most powerful methods available to cleanse your system and press the reset button, this technique needs the very close guidance of fully trained breath coaches. You will be slowly guided through the 4 levels of breathwork stage by stage. During the main phase you will participate in 30-60min of controlled circular breathwork that will take you to another realm. With the help of your breath coach you will cleanse your system of physical and emotional blockages that will allow you to arrive at a ‘peak state’. Here you will experience a state of extreme mental clarity and physical weightlessness that you can only dream of. With continued practice you are able to start to unlock your body and reach higher levels of “peak state”.

Level 4 breathwork (optional) moves into “Ice Bath” immersions, where you then test yourself mentally by once again hacking into your system to consciously override your breathing. During this technique you will be carefully guided by your breath coach through an ice bath immersion for 3min up to your neck.


Dynamic Breathwork classes explained in detail:

Level 1 -Introductory breathwork class (45min):

  • Benefits of correct breathing
  • Evaluation of your natural breathing style
  • Lower/ middle / upper zones for breathing
  • Covering the theory of how breathwork can alter emotional states
  • Breathwork and its connection to the Autonomic nervous system
  • Explanation of the Cortisol and melatonin cycles of the body
  • Introduction to Box, Triangle, Circular breathing plus breath holds
  • Exercises given to commence home practice

(You only need to complete this session once, but can be repeated a few times to develop skills)

Level 2 – breathwork classes are the regular classes that are building on the level 1 session (45min):

  • Practical session that will develop your understanding of Box, Triangle and circular breathing
  • Advancing your understanding of breath holds and pauses
  • Introduction to transformation breathwork / circular breathing (10-20min)
  • Chance to attain “BLISS” state through a specific breathing sequence
  • Energy Pulling techniques
  • Complete 5 -10 sessions before being allowed to try level 3 or 6.

Level 2 – 4 week Breathwork Course

4 Main topics will be covered during the course:

  • Week 1 – Combining breathwork with heart felt emotions like Gratitude, as well as learning about heart coherent breathing. This session is inspired by the amazing work of the HeartMath Institute
  • Week 2 – Developing the understanding of Energy Pulling and Mind Movies which has been inspired by the great Joe Dispenza
  • Week 3 – Dan Brulè Breathwork – Transformational breathwork as an energy clearing technique.
  • Week 4 – Wim Hof Inspired breathing cycles as the final session
  • Please note all instructors are Dan Brulè Certified Instructors

Techniques you will learn are:

  • Inhale Pauses – ‘ever expanding inhale”
  • Exhale Pauses – relaxing deeper into the breath out
  • Energy Pulling Techniques to move breath energy from the base to the crown and back again
  • Advanced “Heart Resonance Breathing”
  • The “Vortex Breath” for stage 4 activation
  • Wim Hof inspired breath cycles
  • Bliss state development

(Must have completed level 1 first – BUT if you have completed level 1 techniques before you can go straight into level 2)

Level 3 – Advanced Transformational breathwork class (1:00hr)

(this level is optional – for those who want to try a full transformational breathwork session):

  • Focus in level 3 is Transformational breathwork, increasing to 30-40 min of the session
  • Helps remove blockages and stored emotional baggage
  • Huge “alkaline” treatment for the whole body
  • Nervous system re-boot / reset
  • Must have completed level 1 and level 2 first.

Level 4 – “Peak State Hour of Power”- Advanced breathwork class (1:10hr)

(Must have completed TWO Level 3 classes):

  • Focus in level 3 is Transformational breathwork,
  • Will use extended repeated breath holds alternating between inhale holds and exhale holds
  • Focus on energy pulling, incorporating lower centre squeezes and press downs
  • Heavy breathwork techniques pushing your transformational breathwork deeper and deeper
  • Full Nervous system re-boot / reset
  • Must have comfortably managed Level 3 classes

ICE BATHS – Breathwork class plus Ice bath Immersion (2hrs)

(optional session for those who want to test themselves in the ice):

  • Transformational breathing – 1hr
  • Ice bath immersion
  • This session will be conducted each 3 months at a special venue to be announced

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Box breathing, also known as square breathing, is a technique used when taking slow, deep breaths. It can heighten performance and concentration while also being a powerful stress reliever.

Also known as the NAVY SEAL BREATH. This technique can be beneficial to anyone, especially those who want to meditate or reduce stress as well as hone their focus and attention.

Below are four potential benefits of box breathing, with research to support the claims.

* Reduces physical stress symptoms in the body.

* Positively affects emotions and mental well-being.

* Increases mental clarity, energy, and focus.

* Improves future reactions to stress.

Above is the example picture of the Triangle Breath (exhale pause).

Try to maintain this sequence for 5 minutes in total.

Start with 4 seconds inhale, 4 seconds exhale then 4 seconds pause.

Practice the exhale pause trying to relax and switch off as much as possible. Just counting your pause.

Then Build your Pause to 5 seconds then 6 seconds, continue all the way to 10 seconds, while still breathing in for 4sec and out for 4 sec.

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