8 week Transformational Breathwork Course:
4 Class times to choose from.
Tuesdays 2, 4, 6 and 7pm.
2nd July –  20th August.
Weekly or fortnightly attendance will be necessary for this series.
Where 4 main topics will be covered, each topic will be repeated for 2 weeks.
There will be 4 sessions planned  every Tuesday at 2, 4, 6 and 7pm at the Richmond Clinic
  • 2nd & 9th July – Heart Math Institute Breathwork, and Heart Coherence
  • 16th & 23rd July – Jo Dispenza – Jo’s Transformational work, Heart Coherence and energy pulling techniques
  • 30th and 6th August – Dan Brule Breathwork
  • 13th and 20th – Wim Hoff Breathwork
** please note exact schedule my change, this is an example outline of the plan
** attending weekly for all 8 sessions will allow you to revise the work from the previous week
** attending fortnightly will give you a chance to complete the 4 lessons once and practice at home between sessions.
  • 8 weekly sessions will be $160 (with 2 FREE lucia light treatments) (Value $380)
  • Attend fortnightly – 4 session pack $100 (with 1 FREE lucia light treatments) (Value $190)

Make this winter one to remember.

Please email Darren personally if you have any queries –

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Dynamic Breathwork – Breathwork for Peak Performance
If you have heard of Wim Hoff you would know that the world is moving towards understanding the power of the Breath and Ice.
On Saturday 10th August, 3-4pm we will be running a “breathwork for peak performance” event. This is limited to 20 people. Run by Darren Stojanovic from Dynamic Stability.
“Dynamic Breathwork” is a combination of teachings from Heart Math, Jo Dispenza, Dan Brule and Wim Hoff. Learn how to unlock your potential with Breathwork.
To book for this event online scroll down a little:
  • select August 10th
  • find (Level 2 – Breathwork for peak performance) 3-4pm
  • register your full details
These 1hr classes are $35 per class and will be held at our Ripponlea Studio

Book online by selecting the date.

Then select the class time to book.


cYou You can also attend casually – Level 2 Breathwork Classes

Run every Tuesday at the richmond Clinic

2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 7pm.


Super Charge your system – Dynamic Breathwork 

At Dynamic Stability we bring together the science and research of Physiotherapy with our adapted knowledge of Clinical Pilates, then we add the hands on work that comes with Physiotherapy / Myotherapy / Remedial Massage / Lomi Lomi Massage. As clients build their mobility and strength we then introduce them to the energetic medicine power of meditation, Breathwork and the Lucia light.

From promoting sleep and helping your body regenerate to enhancing peak athletic performance. ‘Dynamic Breathwork’ is the new way to bio-hack your system and take your system into overdrive.

Dynamic Breathwork is the cumulative of 18 years of work, where we have combined the benefits of multi-modalities to produce a program that will move you into “hyperdrive”.

The way we inhale and exhale is integrally linked to every system in our body. Bio-hacking is a method of taking conscious control of your breathing system to bring about energetic changes across your whole body. As all our organs resonate at different frequencies. It is possible with this technique to help bring our heart, lungs, brain and other organs back into coherence where they can energetically align again. Helping our system naturally to overcome disharmony and disease.

The Breathwork moves them into the next phase where by they start to enter Bio-hacking. This helps to break up blockages that have been stored in their body over the years. As one of the most powerful methods available to cleanse your system and press the reset button, this technique needs the very close guidance of fully trained breath coaches. You will be slowly guided through the 4 levels of breathwork stage by stage. During the main phase you will participate in 30-60min of controlled circular breathwork that will take you to another realm. With the help of your breath coach you will cleanse your system of physical and emotional blockages that will allow you to arrive at a ‘peak state’. Here you will experience a state of extreme mental clarity and physical weightlessness that you can only dream of. With continued practice you are able to start to unlock your body and reach higher levels of “peak state”.

Level 4 breathwork (optional) moves into “Ice Bath” immersions, where you then test yourself mentally by once again hacking into your system to consciously override your breathing. During this technique you will be carefully guided by your breath coach through an ice bath immersion for 3min up to your neck.


8 Amazing Benefits of Breathwork:

  1. Your muscles relax
  2. Oxygen delivery improves
  3. Your blood pressure lowers
  4. Endorphins are released
  5. Dexotification improves
  6. Relieve stress and anxiety
  7. Enhances sleep
  8. Balancing the central nervous system


Breathwork Classes:

  1. Level 1 -Introductory breathwork class (45min):
    • Benefits of correct breathing
    • Evaluation of your natural breathing style
    • Lower/ middle / upper zones for breathing
    • Covering the theory of how breathwork can alter emotional states
    • Breathwork and its connection to the Autonomic nervous system
    • Explanation of the Cortisol and melatonin cycles of the body
    • Introduction to Box, Triangle, Circular breathing plus breath holds
    • Exercises given to commence home practice

    (You need to complete this session only once, but can be repeated a few times to develop skills)

  1. Level 2 – breathwork classes that will be run weekly on Tuesdays at the Richmond Clinic- 2pm, 4pm and 6pm (45min):
    • Practical session that will develop your understanding of Box, Triangle and circular breathing
    • Advancing your understanding of breath holds and pauses
    • Introduction to transformation breathwork / circular breathing (10-20min)
    • Chance to attain “BLISS” state through a specific breathing sequence
    • Complete 5 -10 sessions before being allowed to try level 3.

    (Must have completed level 1 first – if you have completed level 1 techniques before you can go straight into level 2)

  1. Level 3 – breathwork class (1:15hr):
    • Focus in level 3 is Transformational breathwork, increasing to 30-40 min of the session
    • Must have completed level 1 and level 2 first.
    • (This session will be run monthly, all level 2 participants will be informed when it will run)
  1. Level 4 – breathwork class (2hrs):
    • Transformational breathing – 1hr
    • Ice bath immersion
    • This session will be conducted each 3 months at a special venue to be announced


Lucia Light Therapy:

The next level is where we move to light entrainment work. Here we bring in the work of Dr Dirk Proeckl (neurologist) and Dr Winkler (psychiatrist) from Austria, who have been perfecting the work of the ‘Lucia light” for the last decade. These sessions are 20-30min sessions that are done once a week for 5 weeks. This treatment will supercharge you brain with the incredible power of the Lucia light. As the light work penetrates through closed eyes, it helps to activate the pineal glad. As this gland governs our Seretonin / Melatonin system, we are able to make massive changes now on brain energy. Naturally improving our sleep quality as well as stabilising our feel good hormones during the day for improved vitality. Week by week you will supercharge the pineal gland with the Lucia Light until after 5 treatments the effects are profound. With the pineal gland being the governor of the pituitary gland, we now have the ability to effect the whole endocrine system in the body. Once the 5 sessions are complete, the client can continue with regular sessions as needed to help maintain the improvements. as well as maintaining the breathwork sessions.

Unlocking your potential has always been one of the aims of humanity. Trying to tap into the hidden powers that our bodies possess. From boosting the physical attributes and mental toughness of our best Athletes to people suffering from back and neck pain, chronic fatigue and sleep disorders. This is the new health model.

These treatments can be done in any order, with some clients preferring to start with the Physical therapies, others with the meditation, Breathing and light work. Below are some of the starter packages for you to get started. 


Breathwork Classes (45min):

  • Single session = $35
  • 4 group sessions = $100

Lucia Light Sessions (30min):

  • Initial Session = $70
  • Single session = $50
  • 5 session course = $200


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