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 1) Dynamic Birth - Pilates for Pregnant Women  

Dynamic Stability is proud to team up with Melissa Mazzarino to launch our new Pilates program, Dynamic Birth. Dynamic Birth presents a holistic approach to movement and childbirth education with mind-body conditioning. It is specifically adapted according to the woman's medical history, posture, abdominal integrity, movement patterns and gestation.

  The focuses of the program are:

- activation of deep postural and pelvic floor musclesto to maintain health and comfort during pregnancy       

- improve body and postural awareness

- breath control

- relaxation strategies in preparation for labour and birth.

  Melissa Mazzarino is a registered Midwife with over 10 years of clinical experience, and is also a Certified Polestar Pilates Mat Pilates Practitioner. 

Places are limited, for further information or to reserve your spot please contact reception. 


2) Real time Ultrasound Assessments (RTU)

RTU provides real time imaging of the stabilising muscles of the lumbar spine and is conducted by our physiotherapists.

The deep stabilising muscles of the lumbar spine (Transverse Abdominus and Multifidus) form an essential girdle that protects and stabilizes the trunk and pelvis during movement to prevent injury. Weakness in this area is often referred to as poor core stability or core weakness. This can lead to low back pain, sacro-illiac pain, poor pelvic stability and overuse syndromes that may affect everyday life, work and sporting performance.

In line with this, recent published research has looked at the role of the deep stabilising muscles in the lumbar spine and their association with low back pain. Research shows that in the event of an injury to the lumbar spine, the stabilising muscles become significantly inhibited which can lead to the development of chronic or recurrent low back pain and poor injury recovery.

3) Running Assessments 

Get your running style assessed on the treadmill. With a gait analysis and advice of your strengths and weaknesses. Advice on strengthening exercises. And tips on how to improve your running performance.

Book with Alex or Darren, email us on info@dynamicstability.com.au 




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