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Below are the teams and Individuals that we sponsor for 2018



                                    Victorian Cricket Team - Bushrangers



                                        Richmond Junior Football Club



                                Collingwood City Football Club



                                         i4 Triathlon club



As a welcome to our sponsorship teams for 2018/19, our services are available to any players and family members at a 10% discount. This is available on our physio and pilates services to members of the above sporting clubs.

We will also be writing regular articles to help you throughout the season with information on how to manage different injuries, as well as maximising performance and recovery. If you need specific help you can email the clinic at richmond@dynamicstability or ripponlea@dynamicstability.com.au or call 9428 3330. Otherwise my direct email is dynamicstability111@gmail.com.
Looking forward to a great season,
Darren Stojanovic (Director)

MAY 2018 - Intro Article

Injury prevention tips:
1. Proper warm up before game. This should always include dynamic stretches (NOT static stretching) and agility drills specific to the game. These not only help the physical aspect but also the mental aspect of getting into the game. The various dynamic stretches which should be included are hamstring, glut, hip flexor and calf raises 
2. Proper cool down. This is really important to prevent post game stiffness and soreness. It should include STATIC stretching - hamstring, glut, calf, adductors and quads. 
Apart from the stretching, it is important to get into cold baths for recovery. 
3. Pre-game screening. Screening tests before the game have proven to reduce the injury rate. These basic screening tests can include calf raises (single and double leg 30 secs), single leg squats 30 secs, double leg squats, steps ups for 30 secs plus core test (front plank and side plank). 
4. Load management strategies. This would include prioritising the important games before a major competition making sure rest days are given in between games. It should also include strengthening work followed by stretching. 
5. Hydration and sleep. Water pre-game, Gatorade or hydrolytes during and pre-game, would help to replace fluids and electrolytes, as lack of these can lead to muscle cramps and muscle tightness. In terms of sleep, 8-9 hrs have also been proven to help with good recovery.
6. Lastly and importantly, diet and nutrition pre and post-game. Pre-game it’s important firstly to have healthy food with minimal amounts of sugar, and secondly, not to overeat as that can make it difficult to run, possibly making the player feel nauseous.  During the game its good to keep up with fruits such as watermelon or mandarin which both have a high-water content. Lastly post-game, carbs loaded with protein would help with better recovery.




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