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Dynamic Stability
  • Darren Stojanovic - Founder & Director

    Darren completed his physiotherapy degree at the University of Sydney in 1992. After working in Tasmania for 3 years, his love for track and field took him to Kenya for a 6 month stay and during this time he had the opportunity to physio for the Kenyan athletic team as touring physio during 1996 and 1997.

    After training in Clinical Pilates in 1997, Darren worked at Dance Medicine Australia from 1997-2001. Here he worked and trained with Craig Phillips.

    In 2001 Darren opened up his own practice in Richmond with Nicholas Allan, to be known as DYNAMIC STABILITY PHSIOTHERAPY AND PILATES STUDIO. Also opening a second clinic in Ripponlea with Loc Ngo in 2012. He completed Polestar’s Rehabilitation Certification in 2003 and trained to be an educator with polestar in 2004. He has worked specifically with pilates now for more than 16 years, Being a polestar educator for almost 10years.

    Currently Darren looks after the Carlton Footbal Club (last 8 years) and the Western Bulldogs for their Rehab Pilates needs. As well as the Bushrangers (Vic Cricket team) and the Victorian Based players in the Australian Cricket Team. 

    During this time over a 10-year period, Darren continued to train and race over 800m at state and national level but finally made the decision to retire from competition in February 2004 to concentrate on his professional career as a physiotherapist. His special interests are running injuries, football / cricket injuries and spinal injuries. In 2012 Darren took up triathlons and entered the Noosa triathlon 2012, he then competed in the gatorade triathlon 12/13 series. Finishing up 3rd in the series for his age group. After a small rest darren is now in training for the 2015 noosa triathlon.

    Since 2004 Darren has educated for Polestar Pilates in many countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Kuala Lumpar, America, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. He has also designed and teaches his own Pilates course called  Maximising performance and minimizing injury in runners. 


  • Loc Ngo - Managing Director


    Loc graduated from La Trobe University in 2003. Since then he has mostly enjoyed working in private practice, managing various musculoskeletal and sporting injuries. As a Martial Arts enthusiast he understands that a strong core is integral for the execution of all movements and appreciates the practicality of Pilates.

    His passion for travel and culture took Loc on a journey abroad to the UK and Europe from 2005 to 2008. During this time he had the opportunity to obtain valuable experience in a prestigious Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy spinal clinic in Harley Street, London. He also had the pleasure of looking after the Fulham & Hammersmith Rugby Club, and the Middlesex Ladies County Rugby Squad.

    As well as sports and spinal rehabilitation physiotherapy, Loc enjoys Pediatric Pilates and regularly runs courses to assist children develop postural awareness and neurological foundations for active lifestyles and participation in recreational activities. Today Loc is an accredited Teacher Trainer and Principle Educator for Polestar Pilates Australia.

    In his downtime Loc loves the outdoor challenges, especially snowboarding, cycling and running. Whether it the 100km Oxfam Trial Run, the Amy Gillett Grand Fondo or the Gatorade Triathlon, he’s always keen for a challenge.

    Qualifications & Certifications

    -       Post Graduate Certificate of Physiotherapy (Paediatric)

    -       Bachelor of Physiotherapy

    -       Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Certification

    -       Polestar Pilates Certificate IV in Matwork Instruction Method

    -       Polestar Pilates Certificate IV in Reformer Instruction Method

    -       Polestar Pilates Diploma of Studio & Rehabilitation Method

    -       PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Certification

    Special Interests:

    -       Sports & Spinal injury

    -       Rotator cuff & Shoulder girdle pain

    -       Back & Lumbo-pelvic girdle pain

    -       Lower Limb biomechanics

    -       Knee & Ankle rehabilitation

    -       Physio & Pilates for Kids

    -       Physio & Pilates for Cancer Rehab

    -       Men’s Health

    Memberships & Affiliations:

    -       Australian Physiotherapy Association (APAM)

    -       Australian Vietnamese Health Professional Association (AVHPA-Vic)

    -       Pilates Alliance Australasia


  • Johanna Cornish - Senior Physiotherapist


    Johanna Cornish
    B.Physiotherapy (Monash University)

    Joh’s love for all things active inspired her to become a physiotherapist. Being a competitive swimmer for many years Joh appreciates the joy of a optimally functioning body and understands the frustration of injury or poor performance.
    Joh enjoys helping those in particular who want a holistic approach to managing their physical complaints to improve how they experience, live and perform in their own body.
    Joh uses manual therapy techniques along with pilates, yoga and functional rehabilitation with a key focus on her patients meaningful tasks and activities.
    Joh’s clinical practice is strongly influenced by her training with LJ Lee using the clinical framework of the integrated systems model (ISM).  The integrated systems model is a complex holistic framework that integrates the whole body and person in assessment and treatment, which incorporates both evidence based practice and clinical expertise. A key component of this model is the innovative approach to assessing and treating the thoracic spine and rib cage complex developed by LJ Lee.
    Joh loves to help patients get to the roots of their problems and work with clients to solve it whether this involves eliminating pain, improving function and or performance.
    Clients may enjoy Joh’s calm, caring patient centred approach to their physiotherapy care.
    Joh's interest and hobbies include yoga, pilates and meditation, raw and whole foods nutrition and more recently for a new challenge Joh has started training for and competing in triathlons.

    Post Graduate Education and Courses:

    Integrated Systems Model - including the Thoracic Ring Approach (LJLee -Discover Physio series)
    Spinal manual therapy (Manual Concepts)
    Neuromyofascial dry needling (Dry Needling Plus)
    Sports Physiotherapy (APA level 1)
    Clinical Pilates (Certified Polestar Rehabilitation Practitioner)
    Yoga Teacher (Sivananda RYT 200hrs)
    Meditation and Mindfulness (Craig Hassed)
    Neurophysiology of pain (NOI conference 2012)

  • Kathryn Moore - Senior Physiotherapist


    Kathryn is an enthusiastic musculoskeletal physiotherapist with over 25 years experience. She enjoys rehabilitating people’s injuries and helping them to achieve their goals whether it be returning  to sporting competition or to participating in a more active lifestyle.

    Kathryn’s work experience includes Malvern Sports Medicine Centre, The Avenue Physiotherapy Centre, various private practices and running her own private practice for many years.   She has been the physiotherapist for state underage netball teams, and for lacrosse.

    Her qualifications include

    • Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
    • Postgraduate Diploma Manipulative Physiotherapy
    • Clinical Pilates and Core Stabilisation Levels 1-3 (Dance Medicine Australia)
    • Certificate of Pilates for Rehabilitation (Polestar Pilates)

    Kathryn enjoys learning and is continuously attending relevant educational sessions.  Recently  she attended the Runners Level 1 and 2 educational sessions and the Mastering Load Seminar.

    Kathryn is available for physiotherapy consultations, individual and small group pilates, running assessments and balance sessions at Ripponlea. She likes staying fit and active, running regularly, playing netball and enjoys her pilates.






  • Suzy Fennell - Senior Physiotherapist

  • Alex Younger

    Alex graduated with a BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy in 2003 and has gained a wide variety of experience within private practices and hospitals in the UK and Australia. This complements her extensive Pilates qualifications to offer a holistic approach for clients. With a strong interest in sport, she has worked with Sports Clubs including both Twickenham Rugby Football Club and Harlequins Rugby Football Club (UK).


    Alex now enjoys having the opportunity to apply both her physiotherapy and Pilates skills to treat a broad range of musculoskeletal, sporting injuries, pregnancy and post natal exercise as well as balance and falls prevention.


    In her spare time she runs after her 2 young sons, and has started training for the next season of triathlons.


    Alex is an active member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and is available for physiotherapy, one-to-one, group Pilates and real-time diagnostic ultrasound scanning.


    Post Graduate Training:

    Clinical Pilates (Certified Polestar Rehabilitation Practitioner)

    APPI Matwork certified including anti/post natal

    Runity - Running coach

    Real time ultrasound

    Balance, Falls prevention and Osteoperosis

    Mulligan Concept

    Mobilisation of the nervous system

    Spinal Physiotherapy (APA level 1)

    Lynn Watson Shoulder

    Western Acupuncture & Dry Needling


    Memberships and Affiliations:

    Australian Physiotherapy Association (APAM)

    Health Care Professional Council UK (HSPC)


  • Georgina Morrow


    Georgina Morrow graduated with B. Physio (Deans Honours) at the University of Melbourne in 2003, partly completed at Lund University, Sweden. She then went on to work in hospital, rehabilitation, private practice and community health settings, while teaching at the School of Physiotherapy.

    Since completing a 2-year Pilates internship in 2010-11, Georgie has implemented her Pilates skills in both private practice and community settings. Her classes have a personalised, goal-centred approach and she gets great pleasure from seeing people walking away smiling! She enjoys treating a range of musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiothoracic conditions, as well as balance training and women’s health.

    Georgie also has a strong interest in preventative health, health promotion and public health. In 2008 Georgie co-founded Spokes in the Wheel, a not-for-profit providing recycled bicycles and bike education to children recently migrated from South Sudan. She has also been involved with health promotion for women in East Timor.

    In 2013 Georgie completed a Masters of Public Health in Germany and she continues to lecture at the University of Melbourne. She also works as a senior orthopaedic Physiotherapist at Sandringham Hospital (Alfred Health). In her free time she loves learning languages, singing, hiking and playing tennis.

    Georgie is an active member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and is available for individual and small group Pilates, balance and women’s health sessions at Richmond.

    Qualifications :

    Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Dean’s Honours) University of Melbourne 2003

    Masters Public Health (International health) Charite Berlin 2013

    Clinical Pilates and Core Stabilisation, Levels 1 & 2 Dance Medicine Australia, 2009

    Sivananda Yoga training – Kerala India 2007

    Courses undertaken include:

    Pilates internship – Balance and Control

    APA Sports Physiotherapy – level 1 & 2

    APA Women’s health and continence – level 1

    Western acupuncture and dry needling – APA accredited level 1

    Lyn Watson Shoulder course

    Tai Chi for Arthritis

    Reiki Level 1

    Languages other than English: German (fluent – C1), Swedish (fluent – C1), French (B2), Tetun (A1), Japanese (A2)

  • Namita Mehta



    Namita is a sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapist. She completed her undergraduate degree in India in 2007, followed by the completion of her Masters Degree in Manual and Sports Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia in 2009. She has worked in hospitals, has extensive work history in private practices and tutored at Univerisity of South Australia’s School of Physiotherapy. She has also worked at Dance Medicine Australia (DMA) Clinical Pilates and Physiotherapy in Melbourne where she became a qualified Clinical Pilates physiotherapist. She is trained in both Level 1 and Level 2 Neuromuscular Dry Needling (western acupuncture).  

    Namita has completed a Sports Physio Level 1 course and is certified in mat work Polestar Pilates and Clinical Pilates.

    Her keen interest in sports physiotherapy see Namita also working as a sports trainer for netball, athletics and cycling at events such as the Masters Games. She has a special interest in sports injury management with specific interest in running sports and prevention with her main focus being on lower limb injuries, tendon rehab, cervical headaches and spinal rehabilitation. Her personal interests include swimming and squash.


  • Ilona Grunbaum

    Ilona completed her physiotherapy degree at La Trobe University in 2003. 

    Since then she has worked in a wide variety of physiotherapy settings. Her work experience includes working at a specialist cancer centre, private practice, community health, major teaching hospital, a palliative care hospital, and more recently focusing on rehabilitation and movement through Pilates. She has worked with many client groups including musculoskeletal, pre and post natal, start/return to exercise, surgical, oncology, palliative, mental health, aged care and others. 

    Ilona believes that all bodies are designed to move, and that best rehabilitation results are achieved through active movement and tissue release techniques. Through specific assessment and guidance she is able to integrate movement into any body regardless of injury, previous experience, level of body awareness, strength or ability. This in turn enables her clients to be pain free and perform activities of their choice with ease. 

    Ilona has obtained post graduate rehabilitation skills through various Pilates Courses, Conferences and Mentors from providers including Polestar, Dance Medicine Australia and Australian Pilates Method Association. She has had the opportunity to do some one-on-one training with one of the few remaining Pilates elders - Mary Bowen. From a wide range of repertoire and techniques developed over 13 years of clinical experience she is able to select the appropriate treatment, and hence get the results, for her clients.

  • Aly McBride

  • Prue Cormack

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