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Pilates is a body-conditioning program, which focuses on developing fluent, efficient, controlled and balanced movement. Our Pilates lessons or classes are a great form of exercise for the maintenance and improvement of general fitness. Pilates has a wide variety of exercises of differing degrees of difficulty, from easy to very hard. With such a wide variety of choices, your particular fitness needs or goals can be more than satisfied.

Pilates Lessons at Dynamic Stability

At Dynamic Stability, our philosophy is to provide the highest quality personalised services in provision of Pilates exercise, physiotherapy and rehabilitation for back and neck pain, sporting, musculoskeletal and general injuries as well to assist in improving core and trunk stability to improve sporting performance and posture. We take an active approach to injury rehabilitation and prevention, as well as to the maintenance of your health and well being.

What are the benefits, and who can benefit?

Key elements of all Pilates exercises is the maintenance of good posture and control of movement so that it is smooth, flowing, controlled, precise and efficient. Another key element of Pilates is the appropriate use of the abdominal or core muscles in achieving the above. Our pilates lessons focus on working through a full functional range of movement to ensure that muscles do not become bulky and shortened but instead they are encouraged to become lengthened, toned and lean, flexibility is also increased as a result of this approach to exercise. Further because of the variety of exercises available in the Pilates repertoire all muscle groups can be targeted. Due to the nature of Pilates and the variety of exercises available in the Pilates repertoire, workouts can be as complex or as simple as needed. Increasing the complexity of workouts is great for people who are tired of doing endless repetitions of exercises at the gym and who want something with a little more variety as well as something a little more mentally challenging. People who want a more relaxing workout can also be accommodated.

Pilates is an old form of exercise originating from the work of Joseph Pilates in the 1920's. More recently Pilates has become popular amongst both the performing arts and sporting communities as a form of exercise to assist in rehabilitation and management of injuries as well as an excellent tool to assist in improving performance and fitness.

Current (physiotherapy) research supports the use of exercise for rehabilitation of injuries and in the rehabilitation of back pain. By taking an active approach to the same, time lost in return to activity is minimised. Early resumption of exercise and activity at a safe level that does not exacerbate the condition or delay the healing process, minimises muscle deconditioning and dysco-ordination. Many chronic injuries are due in part to inappropriate use of muscles (both over and under activity) as well as due to problems with mobility (inadequate or excessive). These muscle imbalances and mobility problems can place stress on the musculoskeletal system creating or maintaining problems or pain. Poor muscle control a common problem post injury, can lead to development of chronic symptoms or again to the maintenance of symptoms, can also be retrained with Pilates. Differing pathology around the spine and the rest of the body can be treated and accommodated with the variety of Pilates exercise. Because of the wide variety of exercises within the Pilates repertoire these muscle imbalances or mobility problems can be addressed very specifically, functionally and safely.

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