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  • Andrew Fitzgerald


    Andrew obtained his Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy in 2010 and was awarded the Academic Excellence Award, for his academic and clinical skills. Andrew is currently expanding his studies through La Trobe University, where he is now undertaking a Degree in Health Science, with a Major in Anatomy and Physiology. Following this looking to undertake a Masters of Physiotherapy.


    Since joining the Dynamic Stability team in 2010, he has completed the Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation course and is a qualified Pilates instructor. Andrew has since joined the Polestar Pilates team completing his Mentorship, now helping to educate the students on their Pilates journey.


    Over the years Andrew has gained valuable experience working with Melbourne Vicentre Swim Club since 2009. Andrew holds a position with them as their treating Myotherapist, providing treatment for the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. During this time Andrew had the opportunity to work on pool deck at the Commonwealth and Olympic games swimming trials in Sydney and Adelaide.


    Andrew enjoys working with elite athletes, recreational sports people and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages using a range of techniques such as myofacial release, trigger point therapy, dry needling, deep tissue massage, facilitated stretching and corrective exercise. His ability to detect muscle imbalances and relieve areas of restriction within the body aid in expediting recovery, regaining of muscle function and range of motion and assists with nervous and endocrine system imbalances.


    Andrew has been playing ice hockey since he was 7; he advanced his skills to an intentional level representing Australia on 4 occasions overseas. 3 times playing Ice Hockey and 1 time playing Inline Hockey.  Andrew played 52 games for the Melbourne Mustangs Ice Hockey Club, which is part of the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL), since (semi) retiring from this level to complete further studies. Andrew continues to play for the Blackhawks Ice Hockey Club, where he undertakes a leadership role in the Victorian Ice Hockey League (IHV).




  • Megan Charewicz


    Megan Charewicz completed her studies as Myotherapist at the School of Life and Physical Sciences RMIT. She is now currently studying in the Polestar Pilates course to become a Reformer Instructor. Megan is also currently working with the Sydney Swans and has previously undertook an internship at Carlton Football Club in injury prevention and maintenance. Megan has also undertaken studies as a Certificate 4 qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor and completed Level 1 Crossfit Course including Weightlifting and Gymnastics Level 1 Coaching. Prior to Myotherapy Megan studied a Diploma in Beauty Therapy at Victoria University specializing deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage and detoxifying body treatments. 

     Megans evolving journey in the health industry has given her a broad platform of knowledge allowing her understand all angles of health. Specializing in the musculoskeletal system led Megan to treat a range of clients from elite sports persons to beginners.  Throughout her practice it has been clear the importance of functional movement to gain results and prevent injury.  Megan is also interested in creating change and implementing healthy habits with clients to create a life in balance.


    Myotherapist at the School of Life and Physical Sciences RMIT

    Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

    Level 1 Crossfit Course including Weightlifting

    Gymnastics Level 1 Coaching.

    Diploma in Beauty Therapy at Victoria University

    Active member of Australian Association Massage Therapist

    Worked for Carlton Football Club and Sydney Football Club

    Polestar Pilates Instructor in training

    Interests & Hobbies    

    Long distance running and Pilates and Weight training    

    Coffee and food/nutritionPromoting positivity and Balance        

    Friends and Family                                                                                                   

    Camping and Surfing


  • Vince Desimone


    My journey into the healing arts began when I personally had to seek help over 18 years ago for a chronicoveruse injury of my forearm, which was a consequence of playing too much guitar.

    I finally came across a myotherapist and was impressed at the immediate response to treatment over the first 3 to 4 sessions. What also impressed me was the variety of approaches and modalities (or if you like the “tools of the trade”) to address my issue.

    This inspired me to leave my psychology and counselling degree and to enter the field of physical therapies to aid others who have experienced difficult chronic conditions. At first I thought I was going to be all about treating other musicians (who all suffer some type of chronic overuse injury to some degree) but of course my passion then encompassed anyone with chronic physical issues.

    My approach encompasses the whole-person and I’m very interested in the mind / body connection; many a physical condition is not solely just “physical. I’m very interested in how the client breathes, how they’re sleeping, the quality of their diet, and also offer relaxation and meditation tracks for those who are undergoing stress. All of these things mentioned can impact or be the underlying cause of the physical presentation. And then of course there are all the physical modalities I’ll use which include the use of ‘dry’ needling, myofascial cupping, etc.

    I’m very passionate about the new paradigm in health which considers the fascia and quoting Langevin (2006) who describes the recent findings of the interplay of the fascia as the “link that Western medicine has been looking for to tie all the former separate working systems into one holistic scheme”. By working with this fascial paradigm I feel clients can begin to make progress with long-standing chronic and difficult musculoskeletal issues.

    Here’s a short fascinating clip on fascia (3:10mins)

    And also an amazing documentary on fascia (38:00mins)



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