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TASH HAAKMAN (Traditionally trained Lomi Lomi masseur)

Lomi Lomi is the Hawaiian word for Massage. Literally meaning to push, pull and knead. There are various forms of Lomi Lomi, each equal in power.

At dynamic stability our specialist lomi lomi practitioner Tash Haakman uses traditional Hawaiian methods in her treatments.

This is a healing technique that brings balance, restoration and heart-opening peace to the body.

When we speak of the body we are also speaking of the energetic body surrounding the physical body. Energy blockages are released allowing spirit, circulation, oxygen and life flow through mind and body. On all levels there is unity.

Lomi Lomi is derived from ancient Polynesian methods of healing, where bodywork/massage was an important part of life, and a preventative of illness as well as disease.

The integrity and skill of the practitioner was of utmost importance, as it is only through pure intent that true healing can take place.

Now in modern times the basic Hawaiian philosophy (Huna) is preserved as well as the sacredness behind this beautiful ritual.

This flowing style of Hawaiian bodywork includes long fluid rhythmic strokes over the whole body with the hands (Here we use the hands as a tool of the heart). This creates a dance like movement, which with deep breathing leaves the practitioner in a clear meditative space and the client in a state of peace.

At Dynamic Stability the Lomi Lomi method is a form of healing therapy that has its roots firmly planted in the intuitive or spiritual core of bodywork. Using the medium of touch from the heart and inner focus through meditation we can heal ourselves, release the past and embrace the now with an open heart.

Lomi Lomi massage is $100 for an hour session

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