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Group Fitness Pilates Classes

We run Group Reformer Classes Monday – Friday, at 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 7pm most days and Pilates Mat Classes Friday 10am and 11am and Saturday 9am

At Dynamic Stability we offer an alternative to personalised, in-studio sessions with our range of group classes. We take a maximum of 9 people for our group Reformer classes, and 12 people for our Mat classes, so supervision and individual assistance can be efficiently provided. Our group classes will appeal to people who wish to increase their fitness, build muscle tone and strength and improve flexibility. These classes will also assist in easing general stiffness, aches and pains by mobilising the body and helping to correct postural misalignments. Our pregnancy Pilates classes are perfect for expecting mothers in and around Ripponlea and Richmond.

We offer a range of Pilates classes helping to cater to the differing needs of our clients. We have Mat and Reformer classes ranging from beginner through to advanced as well as Pregnancy classes available for the pre, or post, natal mother.


GROUP MAT CLASSES - $23 each or $190 x 10 classes

Our mat classes focus on building strength and control from the deep core muscles to help support and stabilise the body throughout movement. In these classes we aim to strengthen the deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscle, improve posture and alignment, increase lung capacity and control, and improve co-ordination and balance. (Classes use magic circle, chi ball, thera-band and foam rollers.)


GROUP REFORMER CLASSES - $34 each or $310 x 10 classes

Our reformer classes develop to be quite a fast-paced workout once past the beginner stage. These classes apply the Pilates principles of core control, breath, and trunk to pelvis stabilisation into a variety of exercises which tone and strengthen the muscles, increase cardio-vascular endurance and improve balance and co-ordination. These classes are more fitness based but those seeking strength and mobility from daily aches and pains will also benefit. (Classes use the allegro reformer bed, magic circle and foam rollers.)

Pregnancy Pilates Classes Melbourne








PERSONALISED PREGNANCY CLASSES (in personalised 1 in 4 sessions)

Pregnancy classes have been specially designed to cater for both Pre & Post Natal care, while also preparing your body for the labour and the demands of a new baby. Using the Allegro Reformer beds, and Magic Circles, we make sure your pelvic floor, stomach & back muscles are in top shape! And, babies are welcome!

Pregnancy Pilates Classes in Ripponlea & Richmond

Committed to providing a unique and beneficial service to as many residents as possible the team at Dynamic Stability offer affordable and comprehensive Pregnancy Pilates classes for pregnant women in and around Ripponlea and Richmond. To find out more about our program, cost, and how Pilates can improve health please feel free to call us on 9428 3330.

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